We bring the curriculum alive through our activity programmes and adventure pursuits!

  • We offer a range of packages that include instructor-led activities, catering, accommodation and more!
  • From one day experiences to 3-day camps to longer camps, we cater for them all, subject to availability.
  • We have programmes that can cater for a variety of ages, from year 4’s through to year 9’s and 10’s (or higher with offsite expeditions).
  • We have enthusiastic young instructors, eager to share their love for the outdoors with the students.
  • We can have everything sorted so meeting EOTC requirements is easy and running camp can be a breeze.

In this sphere, when students spend time here, some of the key core competencies they will be immersed in include communication, cooperation, collaboration, challenges and confidence. Increased competency in these areas is something we want every student to both grow in and subsequently take away with them after they’ve spent time with us here at camp.

We love to partner with schools to see students learn and grow

We offer a variety of options to suit your needs so whether you are a small group or want to bring the whole school we can ensure you have everything you need for a successful camp.