Day Events

We provide fun and exciting day events from birthdays to team building to big day outs.  We cater to what your group needs, whether it be catering, or barbeque use, a programme, or your own schedule. We are happy to work with you to ensure you have everything you need for a successful event.

Weekends Camps

From Boys’ Brigade, to Scouts, to Girl Guides, to Rallies, to other youth groups and more. We can provide an experience you won’t forget. Get in touch with our friendly staff to ask about our different package deals.

Local and National Conventions

Have an event coming up? Book it at Waipara Adventure Centre. We can cater for a large number of people overnight and will strive to provide you with all you need to run the event as smoothly as possible.

Group get togethers

From family reunions to training camps, to team-building weekends and more. We provide a setting and activities for you to have an enjoyable and memorable experience.


Things to do in this area

Visit the nearby vineyards

Visit White Gorge

Walk up Mt. Cass or Mt. Gray

Visit the Amberley Farmers Market

Explore the vineyard cycle trail

Experience the Weka Pass Railway