Churches & Youth Groups

Church Groups

An awesome opportunity to come together as a community and worship. Camp is a great way to encourage fellowship with your church community and encourage them in their faith journey.

Youth and Young Adult Groups

We provide a range of adventurous activities that can add a new element of fun to your youth camps.  A great time to get away, connect with those your age, spend time with God and have some awesome experiences.

Our Ministry Camps

We run a stream of ministry camps called Encounter Camps! We run various camps each year so there is something for everyone. Click here for more information and more information or here to enquire.


Camp is an awesome place

If you bring your Youth Group, we can provide facilities and experiences that will ensure your time at camp is full of adventure and fun-filled activities.  We are also OutdoorsMark approved.

When you come and stay here with your church, or even home group, it is a powerful opportunity to impact your life and grow your walk with the Lord. If it’s your desire to become more Christ-like, then a stay at camp can be a time of both challenge and change.

We want you to have a memorable experience at Waipara Adventure Centre

Our aim is to ensure you have a memorable experience - whether by choosing to run your own programme, using our services or simply using our accommodation. The choice is yours, so contact us today to enquire about your next church or youth group camp. You can also find out more, by clicking the ‘enquire now’ button below.