top terrace cOMPLEX

The Top Terrace Complex refers to our buildings on the upper level of camp.


William Smith is one of two main building blocks. Here you will find our hall and main commercial kitchen facilities.

Facilities Include:

  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Cabins / Bunk Rooms
    - 8 Cabins and 1 Dormitory
    (Total 64 Beds)
  • Multi use Hall (doubles as dining)


Stedfast Lodge is one of two main building blocks and houses our training centre and reception.

Facilities include:

  • Cabins / bunk rooms
    - 12 Cabins (Total 50 beds)
  • Kitchen
  • Two Bathrooms (Toilets & Shower)
  • Accessible Toilet/Shower
  • Training Room
  • Lounge


Memorial unit is a small self contained space located near our main building block

Facilities include:

  • Kitchen and Toliet/Shower
  • Two rooms - sleeps max 6
  • Lounge / Dining Table

lower terrace complex

The Lower Terrace buildings are found on the bottom far end of camp.

birch hill lodge

Birch Hill Lodge is a new building on site currently under construction.
It will house two bunk room areas and bathrooms.
More information coming soon!


Tui Lodge is located at the bottom end of camp, with multi purpose spaces.

Facilities include:

  • Bunk Room
  • Kitchen
  • 2x Bathrooms
  • Multi purpose Hall
  • Multi purpose dining / lounge room


Facilities Include:

  • Two powered cabins in close proximity to Tui Lodge.
  • Each cabin can sleep up to 4 people
  • Ablusion block at Tui Lodge


Camping ground around Tui Lodge

Facilities Include:

  • Tent and Caravan areas
  • Shelter
  • BBQ hire
  • Bench Seats
  • Playground
  • Water & Power access

shared spaces

Water Hole

A local summer favourite! The perfect place to cool down, set up a picnic and enjoy the beautiful views.

Flying Fox & Water Slide

Our water slide and flying fox provide some fast fun!


High Ropes, Low Ropes, Abseiling, Confidence Course, Archery, Air Rifles, Tree Climbing.

Recreation Area

Skate Ramp, Court, & Trampoline.

Main Field

Including Redwood Shelter, for BBQ/Picnics and Sport Days

Outdoor Theatre

Create a space for shows, music, concerts and communication at our mini amphitheater.


Location Map (click image to download PDF)

Site map (click image to download PDF)


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